How to create page in the zencart?

1. write define(‘FILENAME_DEFINE_YOURPAGENAME’, ‘define_yourpagename’); in the “includesfilenames.php”

2. create language file


3. create a page in this directory

Its not necessary but If you want to use this page as define pages in this case you must create this page

4. create a folder and page in this directory (directory name is ‘yourpagename’)


in this page write below code
* load language files
require(DIR_WS_MODULES . zen_get_module_directory(‘require_languages.php’));
// include template specific file name defines
$define_page = zen_get_file_directory(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION[‘language’] . ‘/html_includes/’, FILENAME_DEFINE_YOURPAGENAME, ‘false’);


5. create a page


in this page write your content.

If you want to use this page as define page you can use below code.

You can edit define page content from ‘Admin Panel >> Tools >> Define page editor’